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Colorado MCR

Electric Towel Rail

Electric towel rail with programming

Steel White Towel Radiator
  |  User Manual

Colorado TCR

Electric Towel Rail

chrome electric towel rails with programming

Steel Chrome Towel Radiator
  |  User Manual

Colorado SCR

Electric Towel Rail

electric towel rail boost facility

Steel White or Chrome Towel Radiator
  |  User Manual

Now you can dry your towels and heat your bathroom with these great electric towel rails from Ducasa. You no longer need noisy down flow fan heaters or cold damp towels.

Ducasa towel rails have long life elements and are filled with a special heat transfer fluid which also helps ensure trouble free use for many years. Cheaper towel rails are filled with water which causes corrosion and faults.

Transform your bathroom with the stunning Colorado TCR chrome towel rail and enjoy the powerful 450w heat output. 24hr / 7 day programming can be achieved directly into the heater or you may choose the optional remote controller. You can override the programme or choose a 2 hour boost at the push of a button.

Customers who prefer a white powder coated finish choose the Colorado MCR or Colorado SCR electric towel rails. Both are available in 450w or the super powerful 750w versions.

Our Colorado MCR has all the features of the chrome version, however with the 750w power it can heat a larger room.

For customers who prefer a non-programmable towel rail, the Colorado SCR is the perfect choice. With the same great heat outputs and digital control for lower energy bill but with a clever triple boost. Enjoy the full power heat boost just once, every day, or twice a day, all at the press of a button.

Ducasa electric towel rails – dry towels all year round!

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Single Zone

Remote Programmer

Digital remote programmer

for Colorado MCR/TCR & Richmond
User Manual


Pilot Wire Programmer

4-zone pilot wire programmer

for Avant DGP
User Manual

Timeguard FST77

Fused Spur

Fused spur timer

Digital Heating Timer
User Manual

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