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When comparing the cost of heating systems it is important to consider the true lifetime costs. This includes the initial purchase / installation costs, the fuel costs and the maintenance costs.

Electric heating is normally the least expensive to install as it doesn’t need expensive pipework or a boiler; often the cost will be less than half of the alternatives with considerably less disruption to the home owner.

Where it is available gas is still the cheapest fuel for heating our homes, so is often the best choice. There are exceptions to this, for example in flats where space and flues for gas boilers can cause issues. Oil can also be a cost effective fuel, although the price fluctuates considerably from summer to winter and requires a large outlay each time the tank is filled, something not all of us can afford. If oil is purchased in the winter it can be more expensive than electricity. Although electricity can be slightly more expensive than other fuels, competitive rates are available especially if the home owner is prepared to change suppliers on a regular basis.

Ducasa electric heaters are virtually maintenance free, just needing a wipe down from time to time, to keep them clean. This can save thousands of pounds over, for example a 25 year the lifetime of a gas or oil boiler system. Boilers need annual servicing and safety inspections which often includes replacing consumable parts such as fuel jets and pumps.

The high outlay for installation and ongoing maintenance costs associated with boiler systems outweigh the slightly higher fuel costs of electric options, which makes Ducasa radiators and panel heaters the perfect cost effective heating system for your home.

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