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Taking control of your heating can help save valuable energy and reduce running costs. Economy 7 storage heaters for example may use low cost electricity at night but the stored heat often escapes during the day leaving the home cold in the evening.

It is far better to control the heating so your home is warm where and when you want it. With modern control systems such as the Avant DGi it is simple to switch between 3 temperatures; frost protection, economy and comfort – all of which are adjustable. Each radiator can be controlled separately or programmed together to create heating zones.

Another big advantage of using on demand, direct acting electric heating is the reduced cost of peak time electricity. Although Economy 7 is cheap at night, maybe 6p or 7p a kWh, during the day it can be 17p or 18p a kWh – that compares to around 12p or 13p a kWh for a standard tariff. Remember, with Economy 7 everything in your home is charged at the peak rate during the day and evening, including your dishwasher, tumble dryer and electric cooker.

A simple 2-zone electric heating system is a great replacement for storage heaters and can be configured to offer all the functionality of a traditional ‘wet’ heating system without the need for a boiler or expensive servicing. Contact the team at Ducasa to find out more.

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