Ducasa - Advanced heating solutions since 1972

Benefit from over 50 years of Ducasa experience in electric heating

Our research and development team have built a reputation as pioneers in the creation of innovative heating products combined with cutting-edge design, comfort and value-for-money.

Comfortable and efficient electric heating

We provide the best electric heating so you are comfortable and warm in your home all year round. We know running costs are important so we look at ways you can reduce your bills. Whether you have a small area that’s difficult to heat or want to heat your entire home, we have the expertise and products.

Ducasa have been supplying a wide range of electric heating for over 40 years. We bring to you the very best products combining quality and modern technology. The range includes APP controlled heating systems, free standing electric panel heaters, designer radiators and high output towel rails.

Ducasa Electric Radiator

Electric Radiators

Ducasa’s energy efficient electric radiators will help save money and improve the comfort of your home. With over 40 years’ experience, Ducasa electric heating is tried and tested for your peace of mind. Made from high quality cast aluminium, the Avant DGS, Avant DGi+. Avant DGP and Richmond electric radiators feature digital thermostats, which are precise to 0.2°C. A choice of programmable or ‘plug and play’, standard height or low level radiators, together with 7 different wattages mean you’re now just a few clicks away from a perfectly warm home and lower energy costs.

Electric Heaters

The Ducasa Sunburst and Sunrise heaters deliver their warmth in the same way as the sun, gently heating objects and people, leaving humidity unaffected and producing a comfortable environment for asthma sufferers. The low level dimensions of the Sunrise make it ideal for heating your conservatory giving you the feeling of summer all year round. The Sunburst electric heaters can be wall mounted or free-standing and has an over-temp cut out and tilt switch in case the heater is accidentally knocked over.

Ducasa Electric Radiant Pane;s

Bathroom Heaters

Now you can enjoy the luxury of a warm bathroom and have dry towels… Our attractive high output ladder-style electric bathroom towel radiators feature bow shaped styling, perfect for hanging towels. With digital thermostatic controls for efficiency and lower energy bills, they are ideal for providing warmth and keeping towels fresh and dry. The Colorado SCR offers simple on / off and an intelligent boost feature, while the Colorado DGi+ is App controlled with the option of Alexa or Google voice control and Geofencing.