Heating Market Sectors

Ducasa was established in 1972 and are experts in climate control with a range of electric heaters and electric radiators suitable for all applications from homes to offices.

Heattend Products Ltd are proud to be UK importers for Ducasa, and with over 15 years’ experience they will provide the best solution to your heating needs.

We successfully supply products to various market sectors throughout the UK including the following;

Electric Heating Market Sectors
Heating for new build and home improvements

Builders & Home Improvements

Ease of installation of Ducasa electric heating is particularly appealing to the home improvement sector. Often problems are experienced when extending existing heating systems, resulting in the need for new boilers and extensive disruption to their customers’ homes when installing additional pipework.

We have digital electric radiator systems that can be controlled simultaneously with traditional wet heating or independently as required. Installation costs are reduced considerably which means your customers are more likely to go ahead with their projects.

Conservatory Installers

The Ducasa Sunrise electric heater is the only low level radiant panel on the market which is specifically designed for conservatory dwarf walls. Since it’s conception almost 17 years ago it has been a best seller and led to the creation of the Sunburst, both heaters coming with fitted plugs for convenience.

We also supply the programmable Richmond DPL low level digital electric radiator for the ultimate in comfort. Next day delivery and energy efficient products make Ducasa the number 1 choice for conservatory installers.

Heating for Housing Association and Councils

Housing Associations & Councils

Through our many years of experience we understand simplicity is essential for both Housing Association and private rental properties. Tenants can change regularly and over-complicated systems lead to unwanted support calls which can result in an engineer being sent to site for what is often just a case of misunderstanding the system.

Working with Ducasa we developed a simple digital electric radiator system which replicates the usability of a traditional wet system. The system is an excellent solution to outdated storage heaters and most importantly is tried and tested.

Property Developers

The heating system in any home is essential when it comes to comfort levels, which is why property developers around the country opt for Ducasa electric radiators. The Avant range is very popular as it offers not only excellent heat outputs but fantastic control options. Our Smart-Command APP system is one of the most sophisticated on the market today and will ensure running costs are down, while comfort levels are up.

Getting gas on site and complying with boiler flue regulations are just two of the problems that our advance digital electric heating systems solve. Together with considerably lower capital costs, there are many advantages to using Ducasa electric heaters; contact us today to see how we can help.

Electric heating for property devlopers
Electric heating wholesale

Electrical Wholesalers

Ducasa electric radiators and panel heaters can be purchased directly from Heattend products by contacting us by email or phone, however if you prefer you can buy from your electrical wholesaler.

Many of the larger wholesalers have accounts with us and a growing number of Edmundson Electrical branches now stock our products.