Product Development

Since 1972 Ducasa have been at the forefront of design and development of electric heating solutions. With a dedicated research and design department the producers are leading the market with their innovations such as the new Avant DGi and Smart-Command Heating Controller.

Experience & Reliability
For nearly two decades we have been supplying excellent products to our customers, and now meet most of our customers from recommendations. This reduces the money spent on marketing and means we can pass on the savings.

Electric Heating Production
Heater technology

Choice of Technologies

Unlike some companies who have only one or two technologies that they insist will resolve every heating issue, Ducasa have electric radiators, radiant panel heaters, glass fronted dual element designer heaters, low level stainless steel convector heaters and high output electric towel rails.

We look at each customer’s needs and suggest a solution to resolve their problems, providing a warm comfortable home that doesn’t cost the earth to heat.