Load Shedding Energy Monitor

Load Shedding Energy Monitor


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The Smart-Command Tevolve ‘Load Shedding’ Energy Monitor is compatible with the Ducasa Avant DGi+, Avant DGi+ Low-level, Colorado DGi+ and the Vitro DGi+ and allows their safe use when the power supply within a property is limited, for example in flats or rural homes and businesses.

The increase in homes requiring EV charging points or moving to electricity for home heating can lead to an overload of the main electricity supply. In cases where the power supply cannot be increased, or the cost is prohibitive, Ducasa’s Load Shedding device is the perfect solution.

  • Real-time energy monitoring
  • Records daily, monthly and yearly energy consumption
  • Automatically switches radiators on/off depending on available power
  • Set priorities on radiators so important areas of your home warm first

If switching on your electric shower would overload your supply, one or more radiators will automatically switch off; switch off your shower and the radiators resume – no fuss, just seamless protection.

The product consists of a monitoring clamp that fits around the main power cable of the property. This connects to a transmitter to sends precise details of the energy being used to the Smart-Command ‘Tevolve’ App.

The technically advanced Ducasa App compares the energy being used in real-time throughout the property to the total amount of power available; a split-second calculation is then made to decide how much power is available for your Smart-Command heating system.

The Ducasa radiators within the home can be prioritised, so if there is insufficient power available to run them all at once, the lowest priority radiators will be temporarily switched off. When more power becomes available, for example when the shower is switched off, or a room reaches the set temperature and a radiator switches off, another radiator will switch on instantly. The digital Triac thermostat switching with all Smart-Command radiators means the process is silent and undetectable.

The prioritisation of radiators is based on their importance, which is set in the app, and how close the actual room temperature is to the required temperature. By design the system will allow the most important rooms to heat up first, whilst continuing to heat other areas of the property.

If required the App also allows the maximum power for the heating to be restricted, particularly useful if all radiators are connected to one circuit with insufficient capacity. The total power usage for the property can be recorded within the App.

  • Professional or DIY installation methods
  • DIN rail or wall mountable
  • Load protection fail safe
  • Smart Command Tevolve gateway required
  • 1m cable clamp length
  • Measures up to 100A : 50mA
  • Operates on 200v to 260v
  • Clamp fits cable with up to 13mm diameter

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